I like Dare.

I like that they’re an inventive digital agency.

Inventive, did you say? Like they create their own stuff?

Well, no.

Trying to come up with original stuff is hard.

If this were the industrial revolution, they would be Alexander Graham Bell,

borrowing from the work of Elisha Gray and Antonio Meucci.

They remember the digital world as far back as 10 or 15 years ago.

No, really. Before binary, even.

And social media...
...that's a thing too, isn’t it?


Storytelling - that’s a good buzzword, isn’t it?

That’s what today’s demanding consumer wants. Stories.

You know who writes really good stories?

Alan Trotter.

He writes really good horror stories.

Like about one man fighting a faceless evil that tries to consume him.

He could have called it ‘Truth or Dare'.

But he didn’t.
Because he writes fiction.

And shit like that only happens in real life.